Do you love horses? Do you feel like you need a break from London? Then the Equestrian club is the right place for you.

This sport is great for improving mental health and boosting confidence. Spending time with like-minded people (& ponies!) will greatly benefit your university experience. 

We offer both recreational and competitive sport opportunities including weekly riding lessons for all abilities - beginners, intermediate and advanced.

This year UAL have made memberships free! So you will only pay when you ride: 


If you are a new to the club you must fill out BOTH registration forms attatched before purchasing a ticket.

https://registration.tpec.net/registration. this one is for the stables.

 /asset/Organisation/6303/Trent-Park-Registration-Form.pdf  this one is for us and should be returned to f.mobley0320191@arts.ac.uk 



Tickets go on sale every Thursday till Sunday. If you cannot attend a lesson PLEASE contact us at least 24 hrs (6pm tuesday) before the lesson. Tickets are non refundable if cancelled less than 24 hours before. 


We usually make our own way to the stables, but we can arrange travel buddy’s.

Please arrive 20 minutes before your lesson (6:10pm)


Intermediate and advanced lessons are on Wednesday evenings at Trent Park Equestrian Centre from 6:30pm:

Trent Park Equestrian Centre: East Pole Farmhouse, Bramley Rd, London N14 4UW

£35 flat lesson, £40 jump lesson 


You should join an intermediate lesson if you have...

ridden quite a few times / walked & trotted off lead / started learning or know the basics of canter / feel confident working in a ride


You should join an advanced lesson if you have...

Ridden/ride fairly frequently / feel confident working out of the ride / can competently canter alone  


There will be no more beginner lessons in 2022, they will commence again in 2023. 

Please join the watsapp chat if you are interested in riding next year, all info will be given next term via instagram and this groupchat: https://chat.whatsapp.com/GqtsRXL1wrI2ud0Z5DQ9rJ


Beginner lessons are Friday evenings at Barnfields Stables from 6:00pm:

Barnfields Stables: Sewardstone Road Chingford, London, E4 7RH

£25 a lesson 


You should join a beginner lesson if you have...

never ridden before / ridden less than 10 times / walked and trotted on the lead


Horse-riding in London is expensive, so we have a ‘come as little, or as often as you like’ policy with lessons... feel free to ride every week or once a month! We also understand many people are not able to ride, but love horses... so we will be providing as many low cost horsey activities as we possibly can! 

*prices and location of lessons subject to change depending on cost of living. We will do our best to keep riding as affordable as possible.




We have two teams competing in BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport)

The BUCS season has begun but we are still trialing advanced riders who have some competition / jumping experience... feel free to message us if you want to take part in 2023. 

Over 160 teams take part in the Equestrian competition and it runs throughout the year in a combination of leagues and events.

Don't have a horse to ride? That's okay. All BUCS riders compete on a borrowed horse.

Riders compete in both dressage and show jumping, where their combined scores make up their final result.

The first teams take part in the championship & second teams in the trophy.

5 riders per team (4 riders to compete + 1 reserve) with all individual scores counting to the team score.

Leagues can have a minimum 3 and maximum of 4 teams and you will compete against other London universities.

The mini-league winners progress to regional rounds.

The winner of regionals go on to the national finals.

BUCS team riders should feel comfotable riding unfamiliar horses.

In the championship, riders have 7 minutes to warm up and complete a novice dressage test. Then riders will have five minutes and a maximum of four practice jumps to warm up a new horse and show-jump a 90cm course of 8-10 jumps.

In the trophy, the dressage test is at prelim level and the course is 85cm.

Each individual in the team rides a different horse and you are scored against the riders on the same horse as you (in rider style & effectiveness).

If you would like to compete, send a quick summary of your experience to Fran at f.mobley0320191@arts.ac.uk :)


Our Committee

President: Sophie Patrick - s.patrick1120191@arts.ac.uk

Treasurer: Lucinda Whiteman - l.whiteman0220201@arts.ac.uk

Secretary: Francesca Mobley - f.mobley0320191@arts.ac.uk


If you have any questions please read our club FAQs on @ual_equestrian_club before asking us any questions as we are all in our third year and do not have time to repeat ourselves constantly!

No elections are currently running