We are the Arts Hockey Club!


Our Sports Offer

Anyone and everyone is welcome at any skill level! We offer both competitive and recreational sport opportunities. We have two teams that both compete in BUCS. Our Mixed team play matches on Sundays, while our Women's teams play on Wednesdays.


A Normal Year

We hold trials at the beginning of the academic year to select our squads for the season. Once the teams have been selected, the BUCS leagues will commence, along with our weekly Wednesday socials. We enjoy socialising together as a club, whether that be going out on a Wednesday social, going round one another's houses or going to the pub.


During Covid-19

Due to the pandemic, there has been no in-person training this academic year. However, we did hold an online event at the beginning of the academic year to welcome freshers and encourage engagement with the club.


Our Committee

President: Isabelle Lynagh - i.lynagh1120181@arts.ac.uk

Treasurer: Amina Vormann - a.vormann0620191@arts.ac.uk

Mixed Captain: Isabella Fowden - i.fowden0120191@arts.ac.uk

Women's Captain: Roberta Banksr.banks-delvecchio0820191@arts.ac.uk

Social Sec: Isabella Brooks i.brooks1120181@arts.ac.uk

Manager: Sean Chen - s.chen0120173@arts.ac.uk