Decentralise normality, question authority, challenge yourself to the surreptitious inauguration of Brazilian culture. My name is Romeo and I am part of the Gracie family, trained by Roger Gracie and Kywan Gracie, competing with teammates such as King of the Mats Champion Charles Negromonte. I am in Division 1 Jiu Jitsu and recently won against an 8x Gold Medalist by submission. If you are willing to challenge the depths of your potential then come join us on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday evening where my team and I will be coaching no gi jiu jitsu and wrestling. Hopefully, by the end of the first year the UAL team will be competing at comps and winning gold medals. UAL Jiu Jitsu represents those who dare to test untread water and unlock their full potential. We value strength in unity, we hope that you can find your brotherhood and sisterhood here. This is a team undivided by race, culture or background. We welcome anyone, there will be girls only sessions dedicated to self defence as well. OPEN TO ALL SKILL LEVELS

To challenge those who want to test the limits of their potential

Creating a unity undivided by race, culture or background

Equip the skills to compete at a semi-professional or professional level and/or defend yourself in every day life

Wolf Pack No Gi Team VAI PORRA



@ROMEOVLTN https://www.instagram.com/romeovltn/


@ROMEOVLTN https://www.instagram.com/romeovltn/

@DADDYFREDDYSTRESS https://www.instagram.com/daddyfreddystress/?hl=en









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