Sport: Air Rifle Shooting
Course: 3rd year in Photography
College: Camberwell

Tell us a bit about how you first got involved in your sport? 

I got involved in my sport at 14 when I was in the scouts, I joined a club and I began to go to small competitions with them. I loved competing from day one, and I just wanted to improve and get better so I would go and practice in a freezing scout hut every week. From there I began to get selected for squads, first the national scout squad, and then later as I got better, the England Academy and GBRTS. It really has improved my confidence and I don’t know where I would be without all the friends and support that I get from the community within my sport. 


What is a typical week for you? 

My typical week is busy, my degree is demanding, so I am working on that 3 days a week from 9-5 plus lectures and 4 hours of travel a day. I get to the range once a week for 3 hours, but I train every day by doing balance exercises for a couple of hours a night. I love to work on collaborative projects and workshops so a lot of the rest of my time is spent working on those or at work. My weekends are almost always spent in Wolverhampton, where I train with my coach and my teammates, although I do make time for the occasional evening off to catch up with my friends. 


What are your greatest sporting achievements / what are you most proud of? 

I am most proud of my performance at the Welsh Open because all of the work that I had done on balance and with my sports psychologist finally started to work. It resulted in me getting two golds and a bronze and I achieved a personal best score of 620.4. I also went to the Junior World Cup in Suhl this year which was an excellent experience that really made me focus on my goals and aspirations for my shooting career.