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UAL's Chinese Society supports all Chinese students in both life and study. We have years of experience curating professional exhibitions that enable students to promote themselves and their artistic practice. Plenty of new activities will be coming your way, and we are always looking for more Chinese students to join our big family. We take care of all the members of our society regardless of whatever problems they may face at UAL. The Chinese Society is your home away from home.


Committee 2019/20

President Keyi Cao
Treasurer Xiaozining Qi
Secretary Qian Tan
External Events Vice President Yi Guan
Internal Events Vice President Junfei Yan
Academic Secretary Yizhi Zhang
Vice Academic Secretary Wang Wu
Press Secretary Gabrielle Jin
Vice Press Secretary Keren Wang
Public Relations Secretary Zexian Zhao
Vice Public Relations Secretary Ziqi Li
Social Activities Secretary Peirui Huang
Vice Social Activities Secretary Xiaofei Sun
Visual Communications Secretary Junye Chen
Vice Visual Communications Secretary Jiangyue Wu



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