This society is currently on pause because it has no committee members for the year 2022/23. If you would be interested in restarting this society we would love to hear from you!

If you would like to see this Society back, please follow the process on the Start Your Own Page and return a New Society Booklet to the Societies Development Coordinator Megan Cunningham (m.cunningham@su.arts.ac.uk). Please include in your booklet your new vision for the society. Being a committee member can be a very rewarding way to create the communities you want to be a part of. 


Disabled Intersectional Voices in the Arts (D.I.V.A) is UAL’s first disability-focused (and led) SU network fighting for inclusion, equality and generating sites of creative resistance against institutional discrimination, and societal oppressions, affecting disabled students and their right to inclusion, education and safety.

Our objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness about institutional ableism, intersectional discrimination and fight discrimination relating to education, social well-being, mental health and physical well-being.
  • Carry out campaigns for disabled intersectional student’s rights BY disabled intersectional students on educational and institutional ableism.
  • Provide an inclusive and FULLY ACCESSIBLE safe space for disabled intersectional students to voice concerns and issues they are facing at UAL (and outside of UAL).
  • Carry out well-being and arts/activism workshops for disabled students
  • Carry out at least one UAL Disabled Intersectional Students socials each month



Planned Events/Activities

1. Big Welcome and Black History Month Online talk and workshop - October 2020

2. Disabled / Disabled Intersectional Students Right to Inclusive Education Campaign

3. COVID19 and Disabled Students Campaign, Resource, and well-being workshops

4. Intersectional Disability Arts and Activism sessions, designing posters, protests, and performances

5. Online events for disabled student’s social, physical, mental health and Crip well-being, including speakers (working with Crip, Feminist and Queer theories)

6. Specific social for disabled people of colour


Contact Details

Mindi Virdee, President: a.virdee0520191@arts.ac.uk


Annual Membership Fee

Membership will be £10, and all event’s will be free to membership holders.


Non-member students and public may need to pay £5 for each social or workshop they attend.


Donations are gratefully appreciated and welcomed. This will help support marginalised students/ DIVA members at UAL, and access requirements, materials and event costs.

No elections are currently running