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Our Society 2021/22

We aim to provide dramatic and cultural outings, events, and workshops for UAL students to share skills, talents and dreams. Our goal is to explore and experience theatre and performance in all its forms, expressions, and roles. 

We are currently running our sessions at Chelsea College of Arts.

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Our Committee 2021/2022


President - Ruxandra Bratfalean

Treasurer - Anchita Khanna

Media & Events - Gabriel Greer

Social media:

Instagram - @ualdramasociety

Youtube - UAL Drama Society

Linktr.ee - https://linktr.ee/ualdramasociety
Annual membership fee:





Do the workshops have an extra cost?

No, for the moment, the workshops will be free and open for all members. However, some workshops led by guest practitioners may incur a small fee. These workshops are optional and will be listed on our events page.

Do I have to attend to all of them?

No, but if you can that’s awesome. Please don’t feel obliged to do anything you don’t want to do. We are very understanding of your course schedule and exam periods. However, starting in the second term we will urge all members who wish to participate in the production of the play to give strong reasons for their absence from any of the rehearsals/workshops.

I don’t feel comfortable with acting or speaking in public. Can I still come to the workshops?

Yes, absolutely. We encourage people at all levels to participate. If you don’t want to engage in the acting exercises, you can be an active observer of the session (take notes, take pictures, film it, make drawings, etc.). Our society is open to all!

I'm not very confident with the English language, is that a problem?

Not at all. We are an extremely diverse group and we embrace that richness and use it in our creative work. Also, there are many ways of communicating and expressing, that go beyond spoken language and that's one of the things we explore in the workshops.

Are the theatre excursions included in the membership?

We’ll try to plan all activities in advance, including visiting theatres and going to shows. We can apply for funding from the Students’ Union and locate alternative sources of funding (i.e. sponsorship). If we don’t get funding for an activity, then the cost of the ticket would be assumed by each attendee. These costs will be less than if you were to purchase tickets outside the society because we will be in contact with the organizers and are likely to be eligible for group discounts.



Drama Society Sessions – Term 1
Chelsea College of Art & Design
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Movement Workshop with Sheida Mas
CSM Studio (Room M203)
UAL Drama Society & Arts Dance Movement Workshop
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