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The aim of UAL's Jewish Society is to provide a community for all Jewish students at UAL.

We welcome EVERY Jew, whether you're religious, atheist, a convert or just trying your best. This society is for all kinds of Jews and to reflect this we will organise religious, secular and cultural events to involve everyone. This includes celebrating all Jewish ethnic backgrounds; we want our society to reflect the diversity of Jewishness and it is of high priority to us that all ethnic backgrounds feel as important and celebrated as one another.

We have just started back up with a brand new commitee and we have loads of plans for the year. You can look forward to events such as regular socials across different campuses, film nights, zine making, Shabbat dinners and other events celabrating Jewish festivals, Jewish celebrity theme nights and so many more !

We've also been offered a space to do a groupart  show at some point this year, which would be a great opportunity for all members!

For some events, we will partner with other London Jewish societies, where you will have a chance to meet and interact with other London-based Jews such as, at the weekly student Friday Night Dinner. 

Can't wait to see you all :)


No elections are currently running