This society is currently on pause because it has no committee members for the year 2022/23. If you would be interested in restarting this society we would love to hear from you!

If you would like to see this Society back, please follow the process on the Start Your Own Page and return a New Society Booklet to the Societies Development Coordinator Megan Cunningham (m.cunningham@su.arts.ac.uk). Please include in your booklet your new vision for the society. Being a committee member can be a very rewarding way to create the communities you want to be a part of. 



About Us

This society is for all UAL students to come to a safe place and debate about topics they have proposed and voted for. We want our members to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and point of views. We will of course debate controversial topics while ensuring it’s a safe space for everyone.

We also want members to create a piece or work with any medium and in any language, about a topic debated at the end of year. We will either have an in person showcase or an online event to show an explain every piece.


Planned Events/Activities

With this society we are planning a few outings, talks, workshops and events.

We want to go to a museum and later on debate on the art we have seen.

Some guest speakers will come talk to our members about public speaking and debate about topics members have chosen. A workshop on confidence and public speaking will be organised during the year. We want to host an event (if possible, in person) to showcase the pieces are members have created in relation to a topic debated.



No elections are currently running