Rekindling the creative crossover between art and music!

About Us 

The purpose of the society is to create a platform for singers, musicians, instrumentalists, and anyone who loves music within UAL. It is important for UAL and its students as there must be many artists at UAL who are also into music. But there are no music courses at the University, so this could build a great sense of community of music lovers to associate themselves with and get involved.

Music Society is all about our members and we are here to create a platform for singers, musicians, instrumentalists, and anyone who loves music.Eeveryone who loves music can be a part of it! We want to create a platform for the music inclined artists at UAL to jam together, learn from each other, and create a community that we can all belong to. Everyone is welcome :)

We plan to organise informal jam sessions, create playlists together, visits to gigs, music events in London as well as collaborate with other music societies, potentially with the opportunity to put on a show this year!



We currently have some positions available on our committee! If you would like to be involved please email the  President, Deepra Gagneja (d.gagneja0720181@arts.ac.uk)