Rekindling the creative crossover between art and music!

About Us 

UAL Music is a new society hoping to rekindle the creative crossover between art and music, founded on ideas of community and collaboration. As well as discussing, listening and playing music we are excited to explore the many applications of music through interdisciplinary projects and events. 


Planned Events/Activities 

Over the course of this first year, we have planned a number of events and activities which will be available to all members, including listening groups, ensemble groups and an on-going collaborative project where art and music combines. We will also attend at least one London concert - dependent on the taste and interests of our members. 


Contact Details 

  • Elleanna Chapman (President) - e.chapman0420201@arts.ac.uk 
  • Lars Rosen (Treasurer) - l.rosen0120201@arts.ac.uk 
  • uniartslondonmusicsociety@gmail.com 
  • Instagram @ual.music 


Annual Membership Fee