About Us

The UAL’s Psychedelic society aims to create a space for like minded people who have
interests in psychedelia as a part of art and culture, alternative medicine, politics, as well as
alternate states of consciousness and their significance to communities and individuals.
With weekly scheduled sessions, pre-recorded talks and discussions, members will have the
opportunity to engage and collaborate through discursive and creative material. The society
will have mostly online engagement options until members are able to attend physical
sessions facilitating tactile exploration. The society will encourage all members who want to
bring their work and interests to the forefront so that all can be involved in engaging with
each others’ experiences.

Disclaimer: UAL Student Union as well as the Psychedelic Society do not condone drug use,
there will be no drug usage at our societies events. Harm reduction resources will be shared
on our social media platforms.

Planned Events/Activities

The society will engage in talks both prerecorded and live, online workshops with
practitioners, meet-up plans for socials in outdoor spaces and planned online socials for
students who cannot attend in person. Society members can create and build collaboration
meet ups with other student societies as well as present their own interests or work in
online meet-ups and sessions.

Contact Details

President: s.reinisch0720181@arts.ac.uk
Treasurer: y.wong0220191@arts.ac.uk
Society email: ualpsychedelicsociety@gmail.com
Instagram: ualpsychedelicsociety
Facebook (members only) : UAL Psychedelic Society (private)
Facebook (Public) : UAL Psychedelic Society

Harm Reduction Resources

No elections are currently running