A collective community holding the importance of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, creating adventure through movement and curiosity

What do we do?

UAL’s Psychedelic society aims to create a space for like-minded people interested in psychedelia as a part of art and culture, alternative medicine, politics, and alternate states of consciousness. 

We look at the significance psychedelics, and plant medicine has to communities and individuals. We also explore non-substance-induced states of consciousness, such as meditation, deprivation tanks and sound baths.

We host scheduled sessions, talks and discussions so members can engage and collaborate. We organise workshops, social safe spaces and group outings to experience together.

The Society will have mixed online engagement and physical sessions facilitating exploration this year. The Psychedelic Society encourages members who want to bring their work and interests to the forefront to engage with each others’ experiences.

We are a member of the Drug Science Student Network, an international network of university societies related to drug policy, science and research. We will collaborate with students nationally and internationally throughout the school year, so become a member of our community today to join the movement!

Disclaimer: *Please note that The Psychedelic Society and Arts SU does not encourage the use of any drugs or substance abuse. Harm reduction resources and wellbeing support are available via the links below and on our instagram.

Society 2022/23 Consitution

a) Building a collective community

b) Holding the importance of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing

c) Creating adventure through movement and curiosity

How do I get Involved?

Membership is free for all UAL students and comes with some special perks of being a member.

Non-UAL individuals can come to our events for a low fee to cover costs.

Tickets for all parties can be booked via the SU Website.

We are active on our Instagram and often do polls and Q&As in which you can get involved and have a say in what we do next.

Contact Details

President: Melissa NW
Society email: ualpsychedelicsociety@gmail.com
Instagram: ualpsychedelicsociety

Harm Reduction Resources






Possession, use and supply of controlled drugs are illegal in the UK, and at Arts SU, we have a zero-tolerance policy toward drugs.

No elections are currently running