Inspiring from the quote of Atatürk, the founder of Republic of Turkey, the Society will be a true follower of the principle "Peace at home Peace in the world".

The purpose of the UAL Turkish Society is to bring people from diverse backgrounds who have a shared interest in Turkish culture. The main objective of the Society will be to foster and share the elements of Turkish culture such as history, art, music, language, customary motives and the Turkish cuisine altogether which have an impact on creativity and communication.
Our society will welcome all nations who feel home sick and would like to connect with others to make new contacts in a friendly environment.
The new Turkish Society in UAL will also serve as a platform to experience and share the best of authentic creative Turkish culture by raising awareness through events and social media.
Importantly, as a society we will be also planning to support charities and fund rise for relevant causes for the society. We want to link with other societies to work together as a wider group to share ideas and opinions. We claim that starting to run this society will create a place where everybody can share their stories and investigate Turkish history with people from across the world to build up a sophisticated place.
As a newly established cultural society, we will support to be a diverse environment where everyone can meet with others to make new connections in a friendly environment.

We believe, we can create a new atmosphere and help our school to look from a different perspective by building up a new society where everybody can feel safe and welcomed.

No elections are currently running