About Us 

Our society aims to be a place where creatives and individuals throughout the university can connect and collaborate. We want others to be able to experience and learn about the medium. We aim to give people a place to meet others with similar interests and be inspired.  

The social aspect of our club will come from going to VR spots throughout London and meeting up on social VR platforms. 

Our society represents a platform for creative individuals in the XR industry to collaborate, enhance their selves as an artist and express creative freedom. 


Planned Events/Activities 

We will be hosting guest speakers, and visiting local exhibitions at museums and galleries,  Activities throughout the year include Online events like VRchat meetups and in person time to meet and play VR together.


Contact Details 

Join the Discord - https://discord.gg/yJFJy86V55 

Follow our instagram - VR Club UAL (@ual_vr_club) • Instagram photos and videos

Lauren Descher: 


Billy Beeson 



Give It a Go: VR & 4 quarters social
london college of communication (Atrium Gallery & M104D)
Interested in what our club is about? Come play games and try out Virtual Reality. Games available: Beat saber, TiltBrush, Pistol Whip (Including a competition with a chance to win a Steam Giftcard!!!)
Give It A Go
Give It A Go: VRChat
Join us in VRChat
Give It A Go
Give It A Go: Virtual Reality
Come see what our club is about, meet people, play games and create art!
Give It A Go
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