What are Dean Forums?

Dean Forums are a termly meeting all course reps have with their school dean (within the college) to discuss issues arising affecting students academic studies and the student experience. 

This year we are conducting Dean Forums via MURAL. We're using MURAL to workshop different themes affecting the student experience and providing an open interactive platform for all course reps attending to contribute. 

MURAL has a lot of different functions, however each meeting is carefully laid out with themes, open Q&As and feedback channels to both UAL and the SU that course reps can utlilise. 

Each year we run three Academic Student & Dean Forums that occur once a term in across the school/departments in each college. 

The Forums 

All Deans (Head of schools/colleges) receive the inputted feedback from course reps and will respond to students at the beginning of the following term on the actions the college has taken to address the feedback received.  

Dean Forum Officer Chair College Dean
CCW: Fine Art & CCI Georgia Spencer  Sophia Phoca
CCW: Performance Arts Georgia Spencer  Jayne Knowles
CCW: Design Georgia Spencer  Simon Maidment
CCW: Foundation  Georgia Spencer Jayne Knowles
CSM: Art and Performance Armani Sutherland Paul Haywood
CSM: Fashion, JTM, PCID Armani Sutherland Rachel Dickson
CSM: Culture and Enterprise, GCD, Spatial Practices Armani Sutherland Rebecca Wright
LCC: Design School Rachel Williams Nicky Ryan
LCC: Media School Rachel Williams Steve Cross
LCC: Screen School Rachel Williams Larra Anderson and Zey Suka-Bill
LCF: School of Design and Technology Syahadah Shahril José Teunissen
LCF: School of Media and Communications Syahadah Shahril Jessica Bugg
LCF: Fashion Business School Syahadah Shahril Liz Gee

2021 - 2022 Academic Year 

Term 1 Dean Forums: 10th November - 25th November 2021 

  • Theme set: 1 Month Review at UAL 
    - Students experiences of Big Welcome and induction/return to University
    - How are students finding the blended learning model (online/physical teaching)
    - How are students connecting and finding their social community 
    - Health & Safety on Campus 
  • Context around the topics being discussed: SU Briefing Document to Course Reps 

  • Minutes of the meetings will be uploaded to the website by the end of Term 1. 

Minutes & Actions 21/22 

College & School Department  Term 1 Minutes Term 2 Minutes  Term 3 Minutes
CCW: Fine Art & CCI CCW_FA&CCI_Term 1 Minutes     
CCW: Performance Arts CCW PA_Term 1 Minutes  Term 2 Minutes   
CCW: Design  CCW_D_Term 1 Minutes    
CCW: Foundation CCW Foundation_Term 1 Minutes    
CSM: Art and Performance CSM_A&P_Term 1 Minutes    
CSM: Fashion, JTM, PCID CSM_Academic Programmes (Fashion, Jewellery, Textiles & Materials, PCID) Term 1 Minutes    
CSM: Culture and Enterprise, GCD, Spatial Practices CSM_CEGSP_Term 1 Minutes    
LCC: Design School LCC_ D_Term 1 Minutes Term 2 Minutes  
LCC: Media School LCC_MS_Term 1 Minutes    
LCC: Screen School LCC_SS_Term 1 Minutes Term 2 Minutes  
LCF: School of Design and Technology LCF_D&T_Term 1 Minutes  Term 2 Minutes  
 LCF_School of Media and Communication LCF_M&C_Term 1 Minutes  Term 2 Minutes  
LCF: Fashion Business School LCF_FBS_Term 1 Minutes

Term 2 Minutes


Arts SU Summary Reports