Every course representative works directly with their course leader and programme director to enhance the learning and teaching experience of their course. The support and commitment to academic representation by UAL teaching staff are crucial in order for course reps to be successful in their role. 

Here at Arts Students Union, we want to support all staff in facilitating academic representation and the student voice on their course, programme, school and college. Therefore we have compiled a list of various resources to help and guide the way. 

To find out more about Arts SU and UAL's partnership on Academic Representation, we highly recommend viewing the presentation we delivered to academics at the UAL Education Conference 2021: View Here

Downloadable Resources

1. Course Rep Promotion Slides 
2. Course Rep Job Description 21/22 
3. Post Recruitment Slides
4. Recruiting & Supporting Course Reps Guide 2021/2022
5. Arts SU Leadership Elections : UAL Staff Guide
6. Wellbeing Support at Arts SU 

2021 Term 1 Course Rep Staff Newsletter 

Recruiting Course Representatives for your course. 

Each course should have a minimum of two Course Reps per year, per cohort. 
We recommend for large cohorts to try to recruit one rep to every 20 students.

Course Teams may wish to recruit more Course Reps at their discretion - for example if a course has a particularly large cohort. Having more Course Reps can also generate more diversity of opinion and make the workload more manageable for individual Course Reps

All reps must be registered through our Registeration Form 
The form is open all of the 21/22 academic year, however deadlines have been set to ensure reps receive details around their course rep training. 

Recruiting Course Reps 

Course Teams should give a week or two for students to read the information around the role or register their interest before dedicating time within a teaching session for course reps to be selected. We encourage that all students who volunteer for the role are selected. We recommend that cohorts have at least two students recruited as their course rep (roughly matching 20 students to one rep).  However, we encourage more reps to be recruited if the student interest is very high.  
Once recruited, we do recommend that reps get an opportunity in that teaching session to introduce themselves to the cohort, explain why they wanted to volunteer for the role and what will be the best way for the cohort to contact them to provide feedback throughout the year.  

Feel free to use our promotional slides to inform students about the role. 

Why is the Recruitment process important? 

 The recruitment process is very important for academic representation at UAL as it helps explain to the cohort the representation and feedback channels that are available to them and the student voice. The course rep role is also a key mechanism to channel that student feedback to academic staff and the Students’ Union. The recruitment process also seeks to explain the importance of the role, validating the rep's commitment and motivation to undergo the role successfully, feeding through the cohort's views and experiences throughout the year.  


When are Course Reps Recruited?

Recruitment Process 

Term 1 2021 

Term 2 (January Starters) 2022 

Term 3 2022 

Promotion & Course Rep Recruitment Period 

Monday 13th September- Thursday 8th October 

Friday 10th December 2021 


Registration Deadline (All course leaders to have inputted rep names on the SU Registration Form)  

Friday 8th October, midday 

Thursday 27th January 2022 


Course Rep Online Training Module 

Open all year (sent as soon as registration details sent) 

Open all year round.  

Open all year round.  

Online Skills Development Workshop (Zoom) 

w/c 4th October (all week) across colleges 

w/c 31st January 

Can be made on request  

Course Committees begin 

Monday 11th October 

Monday 7th February  

Tuesday 19th April 

What about MA courses starting on the 4th October 2021? 

MA courses that start their academic year on the 4th October as opposed to the 20th October will be given until the Friday 22nd October to recruit their course reps upon which course reps will receive training on the w/c 1st November