Arts Students' Union is first and foremost a democratically ran organisation (charity) led by our members who we strive to ensure are a part of key decisions our student representatives make and how we run our services/deliver for students.

Whether it is having a say on a position we take on a key student issue, how we influence UAL, what campaign we should run or how we tackle challenges facing particular student communities within the University - our Democracy ensures students can mobilise the SU and it's representatives to take action! 

How we represent you and make decisions is something we have strived to get better at, having over the 20/21 academic year undergone a Democratic Review and proposed through a referendum in March 2021 a new system to best represent you. This proposal was approved by the student body and now is in the process of being implemented over the 21/22 academic year. 

Watch this space as we will be regularly updating this page as we implement new representative positions, student staff roles and meetings. 


What to expect from the new democratic structures being implemented?

1. Democratic Decision-Making Platform - new interactive ways to influence decision making of Arts SU. This will include a contract your representative system, an ideas platform and termly student town hall meetings that every student can attend and participate in shaping SU decisions. 

2. Student Interns -  paid students recruited by the SU to work part-time for the year (alongside their studies) to organise initiates and lead research affecting a certain student group identity within the UAL community. This will include liberation groups and students of circumstance reflecting the needs of the student body. *These roles will be recruited in stages over the 2021/2022 academic year. 

3. School Reps  - students elected to represent their school/programme department within their college working with course reps and Officers to champion the needs of students to academic staff.  *These roles will be elected in March 2022 for the 2022/2023 academic year. 

4. x6 Sabbatical Officers - in the March 2022 elections, we will be electing six Sabbatical Officer roles to represent students full-time for the 2022/2023 academic year. These roles will include x4 college officers, x1 Community Officer and x1 Union Affairs Officer.