Over this academic year, we have undergone a review into the way we represent you as a student at UAL.

We have consulted over 1000 UAL students, to understand your priorities, the challenges you face in your studies, which decisions you want to be apart of, and how our current representation systems are working for you. 

Using your views and experiences of Arts Students' Union , we have put forward a proposal via referendum to change the way that you are represented, better address your needs and build engagement with the SU.

The Proposal Explained


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Voting closes Tuesday 16th March, 3pm.

Every UAL student has the opportunity to vote in this referendum, choosing whether to vote For, Against or Abstain on the entirety of the proposal being presented. 

The proposal has four key elements that include:

  1. Increase the number of our current paid Full-Time Student Leader roles from 4 to 6. This would include 4 College Officers, a Student Activites & Communities Officer and a Union Affairs Officer.

  2. Replace voluntary Liberation and Students of Circumstance Part-time officer roles with 12 Paid Arts SU Interns, in similar areas. 
  3. Replace voluntary Part-time College Officer roles with voluntary Department/School Reps in each college.
  4. Replace Student Council with a digital democratic decision-making platform and a series of regular forums for students to raise ideas, shape SU decision-making and provide feedback to their student representatives. 

*If approved, the proposal will not affect the current 4 full-time Sabbatical roles which you are electing to represent you for the 2021/2022 academic year in our current Leadership Elections. 

If you'd like to share your view on why students should vote For or Against, or simply ask a question about the proposal, please email democracy@su.arts.ac.uk 

What is the Review doing? 

  • Consulting our members to better understand their relationship with the Students' Union. 

  • Identifying and assessing current engagement/perceptions of our democratic processes.

  • Reviewing how students want to make decisions on issues affecting them. 

What are we trying to achieve? 

  • A better understanding of our 18,500 members everyday lives at UAL and the challenges they face, leading to more engagement across every college/school.?

  • Our democratic processes accurately reflect the needs of our members and provide inclusive/accessible platforms for the student's voice, ensuring our decisions are truly member-led.?

  • Every individual member has equal footing and social capital to run for leadership positions, participate in decision making and lead the direction of the Students' Union. ?

  • Our representation roles are fit for purpose with a clear and defined link to the identity and voice of the student community. 

Timeline of the Review

1. Consultation Stage: 19th October -  December 18th 2020

2. Synthesis of Research: 11th January - 22nd January 2021

3. Proposal Setting: 22nd January  - 23rd February 2021

4. All Student Notice of Referendum: 26th February 2021

5. Referendum: 8th March 10am - 16th March, 3pm 2021

6. Results of Referendum: Wednesday 17th March, 2-3pm 2021