My SU Referendum 2021 Result (Archive)

The Result 

636 votes were cast in this Referendum held between the 8th -16th March 2021. Students had the option to vote For/Against/Abstain for the democratic system proposal in its entirety. Quoracy for the vote to be legitimate according to our Constitution and Bye-laws was 370 votes upon which was achieved. 

Referendum Question: Change the current Arts SU Representation Structure to the new proposed Representation & Democratic Structure. 

For: 552 (87%)
Against: 25 (4%)
Abstain: 59 (9%)

Outcome: The proposal has been passed and was ratified by the SU Trustee Board. The new system will be implemented in stages across the 2021/22 academic year with the entire system embedded into SU structures by July 2022. 

The Proposal 

1. Increase the number of our current paid Full-Time Student Leader roles from 4 to 6. This would include 4 College Officers, a Student Activites & Communities Officer and a Union Affairs Officer.

2. Replace voluntary Liberation and Students of Circumstance Part-time Officer roles with 12 Paid Arts SU Intern Roles, in similar areas. 

3. Replace voluntary Part-time College Officer roles with voluntary Department/School Reps in each college.  

4. Replace Student Council with a digital democratic decision-making platform and a series of regular forums for students to raise ideas, shape SU decision-making and provide feedback to their student representatives. 

See our visual referendum explained booklet for more details. 
More details about each element of the proposal can be found in the motion document linked below. 

Voting Information 
Every member of Arts' Students Union - 18,500 UAL students - has the opportunity to determine how they are represented by voting in this referendum. Every member has one vote to cast in this referendum, voting:
For - to pass the proposal presented 
Against - to not pass the proposal presented
Abstain - formally decline to vote either for or against the proposal. 

Voting is open from Monday 8th March, 10am until Tuesday 16th March, 3pm
*Please ensure you are logged into your student account on the website in order to cast your vote. 


Voting Closes