Arts SU Elections are not an aside to your art and design, they are your art and design.

Arts Students' Union is an independent democratic organisation (charity) led by our 18,500 members through our elections and referendums. Every UAL student has the right to participate and vote in our elections to determine who represents them and what direction the organisation takes through the priorities of its elected leaders.

We hold two elections in Autumn and Spring every year to elect your:

  • Full-Time Sabbatical Officers 
  • NUS Delegates
  • NUS Liberation Delegates

These representatives have incredibly important responsibilities bestowed on them, making decisions on behalf of the UAL student body. Therefore it is crucial that you use your voice to choose a student leader that represents you. 

What roles did we elect in Autumn 2021?

NUS Delegates: JD TBC

NUS National Conference will take place on 28th - 30th March 2022 at Liverpool which will be attended by delegates from every SU and Further Education college in the UK. 

Being an NUS delegate is a great opportunity to shape the future of student politics. During the conference, you have three main roles: voting to elect the national executive, voting on policy and voting on reports. It is your job to hold the national executive to account and set the priorities for student campaigning over the coming year. 

NUS Liberation Delegate: JD's TBC

NUS Liberation Conference will take place on the 30-31st March 2022 at Liverpool which will be attended by Liberation delegates from every SU and Further Education college in the UK.

The conference brings together Black*, Disabled, LGBTQ+ and Womens students together to build communities of activists and plan NUS campaigning work. Previous work to be organised from the conference includes #DecoloniseEducation campaign and the fight for liberated trans healthcare,  Disabled Students allowance and GRA reform. 

Liberation delegates we will elect include: 

  • Black Students Delegate 
  • Black Woman Students Delegate
  • Trans Student Delegate 
  • LGBTQ+ Student Delegate
  • Disabled Students Delegate 
  • Womens Student Delegate

*NUS use Black to mean students from African, Asian and Caribbean heritage. 

You will need to self identify with a liberation identity in order to stand/vote for that particular delegate representative role. 

Click here to view the Candidate Resource Hub, including the Candidate Handbook. 

Key Dates (Autumn 2021)

Nominations Open: Monday 20th September, 10am - Wednesday 13th October, 12 (midday).

Candidate Preparation Week: Monday 18th October -Friday 22nd October. 

Voting Open: Monday 25th October, 10 am - Thursday 28th October, 4 pm 

Results Announcement: Friday 29th October, 1-2 pm. 

Recommend Someone to Run!

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Any questions about the roles, application process or elections?

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