The Policy and Research department support the Officer team to prepare for committee meetings with University Leadership as well as leading and supporting research undertaken by Arts SU to better know the issues affecting our students. In the past we've released research on the Cost of Study, Decolonising the Curriculum, and Student Housing.

Crits and Inclusive Learning

Crits are seen as an integral part of the art school experience and have the potential to facilitate great discussions, learning and growth for students.

This paper considers some of the existing academic and practitioner-led literature around crits, articulating some of the problems with inclusivity that can exist within the crit space. It also shares the testimonies of students at UAL that Arts SU have collected, to illustrate the lived experiences of marginalised students who have encountered crits.

This work was led by Georgia Spencer (Welfare Officer 2021/22), Rachel Williams (Education Officer 2021/22), and Calum Sherwood (Senior Policy and Research Officer)

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