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Committee Elections

Our student group committees are responsible for organising and running various events and activities to enhance the social and academic experiences of students on campus.

Why nominate yourself to run your club or society?

Being a committee member of a club and society is a great way of leading your student group and helping make change. Every club and society has a President and Treasurer role that needs to be filled in order for the group to continue, but some clubs and societies have a range of roles available – from events officers, to captains, to social media managers and lots more! The Students Union will help provide training and support to all committee members to equip you with the skills you need to support your members and keep your club and society thriving! 

Who can nominate and vote?

Only registered members of that club and society can nominate themselves for a role as well as take part in the voting process. If you are a member of multiple clubs or societies, you can take part in each of those elections. 

What happens after the voting?

Once voting period has ended, you will be emailed the results of the elections to find out who will be running your student group for the next academic year. Once the new committees have been chosen, there will be a handover period with the existing and new committees to ensure a smooth transition into the next academic year.

Nominations open from: Wednesday 17th April, 9am - Wednesday 1st May, 5pm

Voting opens from: Wednesday 8th May, 9am - Wednesday 15th May, 9am

Committee Positions

Find out more about the committee roles and their responsibilities.

Committee Positions Presentation

Rules and Regulations

See the rules and regulations for running committee elections.

Rules & Regulations

How to Nominate

How to stand for a position and advice on writing your manifesto.

How To Nominate Guide

How to vote

Useful information on how to vote for your preferred candidate in community elections.

How to vote step-by-step

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