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UAL's Race Equality Charter

This time of year, we see so many surveys, and we feel you - it is exhausting! BUT, this is one you should not let slide by!


UAL’s Race Equality Charter 

You may have seen this week UAL talking about another survey and something called the ‘Race Equality Charter’ aka REC. Which may be something that has made you think, what is this and why should I take ANOTHER survey?!? 

What is the Race Equality Charter? 

The REC is run by an external body (Advance HE), who provide a framework to help institutions identify, reflect and act on barriers within itself which negatively impact Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and students. It goes hand in hand with UAL’s Anti-Racism Action Plan, and is a way to hold institutions accountable as they approach race equality and address their institutional culture. More information from UAL can be found here 

Why should you take the survey? 

This time of year, we see so many surveys, and we feel you, it is exhausting! BUT this is one you should not let slide by! The Race Equality Charter survey is a chance for students and staff to share their uncensored and anonymous views and experiences at UAL. It needs to be as honest as possible to ensure that the statistics match up to experience, and so that UAL can use these findings to report and respond to, creating actionable change in the institution. What makes this different to anything that UAL has done before, is that it is monitored by an external body (Advance HE), who will be holding the university accountable if it does not hold these values. 

Who can take the survey? 

UAL invites all students and staff to take part in this survey, regardless of demographic. It is important that the survey hears from a broad range of perspectives, so that it can make changes that will make UAL a safe and positive community for all.  

Data security and anonymity 

This survey is anonymous. To ensure it remains so, please don’t include any information in free-text fields which could lead to you, or any other individuals being identified. Throughout the survey, please only answer the questions you are comfortable with. 

For more information about our involvement in the Race Equality Charter, please contact the Diversity Team at: or visit our student diversity webpage. 

You can find the survey here:  



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