Varsity Winners 2023!

This weekend once again marked the annual sports competition day between University of the Arts London and Goldsmiths' University!  This year the event was held at University of Greenwich Avery Hill Campus which provided the scene for 9 competitive games, 3 friendlies and a showcase by Cheerleading's Pom team! 


Our 3 friendly games were Mixed Hockey, Taekwondo and Pole Dance who all put up a great fight. Goldsmiths took the victory with 3-2 in Pole, whilst UAL won Hockey in a 3-1 victory! Furthermore, our Taekwondo team smashed it with lots of engagement on the day.


Our 9 competitive games were:   

  • Women's Football where UAL won 5-1.   
  • Mixed Badminton where Goldsmiths took the win.   
  • Men's Football 2 where UAL sadly lost it on penalties.   
  • Women's Netball who smashed it with a win for UAL.     
  • Cheerleading Stunt who unfortunately saw a loss this weekend for UAL, but will be getting an opportunity for redemption at their upcoming competition!  
  • Men's Football 1 who lost to a very skilled Goldsmiths team.    
  • Mixed Volleyball who won 3-0 and grabbed another point for UAL!!  

At this point of the day, Goldsmiths were leading Varsity with an overall score of 4-3 with only our two Basketball teams yet to play. Goldsmiths are typically known for being very skilled at basketball, so we were looking at quite a tough challenge...  

  • Women's Basketball went on to win a very tough match ending at 47-42 giving UAL hopes.   

The only game left was Men's Basket... The score was now 4-4 and the trophy could go to either university... However, our Men's Basketball team took it upon themselves to save UAL and got on the court with a winner mentality.   

  • Men's Basketball went on to win 93-54 and took the victory home for UAL.  


This means that we are, once again, THE VARSITY WINNERS!!!! This marks our 4th win in the last 5 years! Congratulations and well done to all of our students who competed – and thank you to all the staff members and students who came to support our teams on the day!


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