Join Arts SU in celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month! We are committed to making sure that your experience at UAL as and LGBTQIA+ person is the best it can be, and to help our allies understand why we do this every year. You can find out more here. Around this year's theme of ‘Body, Mind, Spirit’, throughout February we will offer you a series of talks, workshops, artist showcases, and opportunities to have your voices heard and your work seen and celebrated. 

Queer Crits with LGBTQ+ Society / Wednesday 3rd February 3-6pm: https://www.arts-su.com/ents/event/329/

Queer Identity and Healing with Foundation for Change / Wednesday 10th February 5-6pm: https://www.arts-su.com/ents/event/333/

Queer Makeup Social and Poetry & Performance Workshop / Friday 19th February 4-6pm: https://www.arts-su.com/ents/event/330/

Be sure to keep an eye on the Arts SU Instagram account for exciting takeovers by the LGBTQ+ Society, callouts for LGBTQ+ students to share artwork, and showcase competitions. 

UAL's LGBTQ+ Society is here to connect LGBTQ+ students with one another year round through events, socials and activities. You can find more information and get involved through their society page, or through their Instagram.