A photograph of a student asking a question at the Annual Members Meeting 2022

Course Reps

Course Reps are elected student representatives who act as a voice for their peers and work with the students' union and university to improve the academic experience of their course.

What is a Course Rep?

Course Reps are student volunteers who work with staff and students to improve the academic experience of everyone studying on their course. We recommend that each course has at least two Course Reps, or for larger courses, roughly one rep per 25 students. 

They represent the views of their fellow students on everything from teaching quality and curriculum content, to facility access and a sense of community. Course Reps ensure that students' views and feedback are part of the decision-making processes within each school/department across the University.

What is required of Course Reps?

Any student studying at UAL can volunteer to become a Course Rep for their course.

  • This role is flexible and fits around your studies, requiring only hours per term with no prior experience necessary.
  • Arts SU staff will provide all the relevant training and support you need. 
  • Course Reps gather a balance of positive and negative feedback about the experiences of students on their course and/or in their school/department. 
  • They also attend Course Committees and Student & Dean Forums to present feedback to fellow reps and staff as well as raise feedback as necessary to staff. 

You can find more info on the Course Rep Role in our:

Course Rep Role Description Course Rep Handbook

How do I become a Course Rep?

In the induction to your course, your tutors will share how to become a Course Rep. They will also explain how the course and staff work with Course Reps, and some examples of things past Course Reps have achieved. If your course leader or tutor hasn’t shared information on becoming a Course Rep within the first two weeks of your course, reach out to them about the opportunity or contact the Representation & Democracy Team at coursereps@su.arts.ac.uk.  

Staff can find more information on recruiting course reps on our Staff Hub page.

Once you have put yourself forward to become a Course Rep, you will be invited to attend an in-person training session, delivered at your college by the Arts SU's Representation and Democracy Team. This will enable you to learn more about the role, meet fellow Reps and ask questions.

The dates, times and locations of each training session can be found by scrolling down to the Course Rep Training section of the Rep Training and Resources page.