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UAL is committed to promoting a safe and inclusive environment for all students. They take all reports of racism, bullying, harassment and sexual violence seriously.

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What is 'Tell Someone'?

The Tell Someone form enables you to record a concern and be put in touch with a member of staff to discuss next steps. UAL can let you know about the support available, discuss formal and informal ways of resolving an issue, and signpost you to further information. UAL will listen to you, and be guided by you in terms of considering next steps. You also have the option of making an anonymous report.

Tell Someone Form

Tell Someone offers a point of contact for students to report incidents and access support in relation to racism, bullying, harassment or sexual violence.

When you contact UAL through Tell Someone you are not committing to any specific course of action. The email address is monitored by a small group of staff who have been trained in responding to and supporting students who have experienced racism, bullying, harassment or sexual violence. If you select ‘speak to a member of staff’ one of the people listed below will get in touch to discuss next steps:

  • Head of Counselling and Student Health
  • Head of Student Advice and Safeguarding Support
  • Head of Counselling and Student Health
  • Associate Director: Progression and Further Education

The information you provide is treated as confidential and will not be shared without your agreement.

What happens if I select 'speak to a member of staff'?

One of the members of staff listed above will get in touch with you to set up a meeting or talk on the phone. They will listen to your concerns, help you to access support and discuss the different ways of resolving the issue. They will provide you with information about the University’s complaints procedure and formal routes for resolving concerns.

The member of staff will not make judgements as to whether a particular incident definitely constitutes misconduct. You can access support with making a formal complaint.

Where appropriate, the member of staff can assist you to resolve the concern informally, for example, by putting you in touch with someone at your College (e.g. Dean / Programme Director / Course Leader) who can help to resolve the issue. They may also explore the option of mediation where appropriate.

If you are reporting an incident of sexual violence the Head of Counselling and Student Health will get in touch with you directly. You can meet with her, or a member of her team, to talk about what has happened, the support available and possible next steps.

What happens if I report anonymously?

UAL is aware that some students would prefer to raise concerns anonymously. If you report on an anonymous basis, UAL are not able to commit to taking any formal action. However, the information can be used to identify whether there have been similar complaints and whether there is a pattern of behaviour or trends which should be investigated.


The information you give UAL will be stored in a secure, password protected folder. The information is treated with strict confidentiality. UAL will ask for your consent before sharing any details with other teams or staff members. No further action will be taken and your identity will not be shared further without your consent unless there are legal reasons that require UAL to do so. This might be, for example, where your information is about a child or vulnerable adult who is at risk, or if you have indicated that you are in immediate danger. If this is the case, UAL may have to tell the police or the University and will always give a full and frank explanation for why this is necessary before doing so.

If you have any further questions, please email tellsomeone@arts.ac.uk or phone 020 7514 6251.

How can we help?

Students’ Union Advisers can assist you to resolve concerns through the formal complaints routes, or through informal means. Advisers can accompany you to meetings and can advise you on how university procedures work.


Contact the SU Advice Service

Email us

Usually the fastest way to contact us is to email using our contact form.

We always aim to reply within 5 working days, but often reply much sooner.

We generally answer in chronological order but if your issue is very time sensitive please mark your email 'Urgent' and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

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Book an appointment (new clients only)

If you prefer to speak to someone directly, and you have not spoken to us previously about the issue, you can book an appointment with an Advisor.

If you already have an Advisor assigned to you and you would like to speak to them please just email them directly - this will be usually be much faster than using the booking form!

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