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Kooth: mental health support

1.8 million students can now access free, safe and anonymous mental health support through Kooth or Qwell services commissioned by the NHS.

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What is Kooth?

Kooth helps to you find free, safe and anonymous mental wellbeing support. Access to their mental wellbeing platforms varies by area. You may be directed to Kooth or Qwell wellbeing platforms depending on your age and location.

These services are available online without a waiting list or any need for referral. Joining anonymously takes one minute and allows you access to:

  • Live chat and messaging with BACP qualified mental health professionals
  • Self help resources
  • Support from the community

Find out which services are available to you online.

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Contact the SU Advice Service

Email us

Usually the fastest way to contact us is to email using our contact form.

We always aim to reply within 5 working days, but often reply much sooner.

We generally answer in chronological order but if your issue is very time sensitive please mark your email 'Urgent' and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

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Book an appointment (new clients only)

If you prefer to speak to someone directly, and you have not spoken to us previously about the issue, you can book an appointment with an Advisor.

If you already have an Advisor assigned to you and you would like to speak to them please just email them directly - this will be usually be much faster than using the booking form!

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