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Introducing: Buddy Up Channels!

Our brand new initiative is an exciting expansion of our Buddy Up programme.

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At Arts SU, we know that making new friends is super important to University life. We also know that making friends who belong to the same communities as you can be invaluable, as you can share relatable experiences and build safe and happy spaces to exist and thrive in.  

That’s why, this academic year (2023/24) we are expanding our Buddy Up initiative. Introducing… Buddy Channels! These are networks on Microsoft Teams for UAL students to meet other students who self-identity as members of certain communities/backgrounds. These chat spaces can be used to make new friends, update each other on University or local events, network, or just to talk! 

We’re so excited to be facilitating this space for our members this year and hope it allows you all to make some great connections with each other. We’ll be monitoring these spaces to ensure that they remain safe and welcoming, but in addition to this, when we come across something at the University or in the local areas that may be of interest to the group, we will share this with you too, so do keep an eye out for any updates! 

So how does it work?

You can use our Buddy Up sign-up form here to sign up to either of both of our initiatives. You’ll enter your UAL student email address, and we’ll add you to the MS Teams channels within approximately 5 working days. You’ll then have access to speak and share with other members of these channels! We will post occasional conversation prompts termly too! Please also note that sign-ups are based on your own self-evaluation as identifying as a part of that community, and we won’t be dictating who does or does not belong in a Buddy Channel based on any perceived standards of belonging to particular groups. 

We know it can be daunting to enter a new space with new people, so we’ve also come up with a few tips to help you speak to your new network: 

  • Don’t judge people – Don't judge others because they’re different to you. But instead, if you can, approach your new friendships with an open mind and consider how any differences you have might build a refreshing friendship.  

  • Share the love through compliments –?telling somebody politely that you like their hair or earrings might be a great way to start a conversation and see if you have anything in common!  

  • Show genuine interest and listen – actively listening to others and responding with interest and care is noticeable, and it’s likely that the person will want to keep speaking with you. 

We hope that you’ll find our tips helpful and will sign-up to Buddy Channels this year. But don’t forget, our friend-matching system, Buddy Up, is still running; you can read more about how that matching process works here.   

Also, make sure to check out the many Arts SU societies and sports clubs you can join too, another great way to make new friends! Student societies and clubs allow you to meet like-minded people, explore your interests, play sports, and develop your creative practice. There is something for everyone at Arts SU – from poetry and life drawing to basketball! To find out more about these, please do explore our website here.

And even better, our sports clubs and societies are either free or heavily discounted this year!


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