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Winter Wellbeing Support

Your wellbeing should always be a top priority, but this isn’t always easy, especially with the various challenges the holiday period can present. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows and that’s okay!

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Hi everyone,

It’s your Arts SU Advice Service here and although we recognise it’s time for a well-deserved winter break, we understand that you may still need support during this period.

The Arts SU Advice Service will be closed from Saturday 16th December 2023 - Sunday 7th January 2024 inclusive, but we’ve put together some tips, resources, and activities to help you stay happy, healthy, and safe during this winter break.


Warm Spaces

We know that many students may be staying in London for some or all of the Christmas break period. With rising energy bills and the continuing cost of living crisis, it helps to know there are warm spaces available to use if needed. Information about UAL library and learning site opening hours can be found here - UAL students can visit Library and Learning spaces at ANY site, regardless of the college from which they are normally study.

There are also warm spaces being opened up across the London Boroughs. Below is some information about spaces that might be useful for you if you don't live near a UAL site.

Find a warm space by location

Southwark, Camden, Greenwich, Merton, Westminster, Lambeth Libraries


Habits & Routines

We have all picked up new habits and routines during the first term at university, some productive, and some we may consider... less productive! You could use this time to write out a plan of your usual daily routine and decide which habits you’d like to continue and which ones you could amend over the break.

Maybe over the holidays, you’d like to keep your morning alarm set for 8am but kickstart the day with a quick yoga session instead of immediately jumping onto that laptop? Maybe you feel inspired to replace your strong cup of morning coffee with a fresh juice? You could even take it on-the-go for a morning stroll around a local park.

The winter break presents a perfect opportunity for reflection, and some time to realign priorities... a chance to figure out what could work best for you moving forward. You might consult with a friend, family member, or even a mindfulness journal to decide which parts of your routine you’d like to bring into 2024 with you (and which are better off staying in 2023) and the steps you’ll take to make that happen.

Importantly, the break is also a time recharge and rebalance for January, so you’re fully equipped to meet the new year’s challenges.


Wellbeing Resources

Your wellbeing should always be a top priority, but this isn’t always easy, especially with the various challenges the holiday period can present. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows and that’s okay! The first step is recognising when you need a little extra help, and then reaching out.

Togetherall is a safe place for you to share what’s on your mind and get support with your wellbeing. The service is online, completely anonymous, and moderated by trained professionals. It’s available 24/7 so you can access it at a time that suits you, from the comfort of home. Plus, it's free to join as a UAL student.

The Samaritans is a telephone, email, and visitor service for anyone who needs a space to talk and their confidential listening service operates 24/7.

Papyrus Hopeline UK is a confidential helpline for young people dealing with suicidal thoughts, depression, or emotional distress. If you are having thoughts of self-harm, or are concerned for someone you know, you can contact HOPELINEUK for confidential support and practical advice.

Kooth services are available online without a waiting list or any need for referral. Joining anonymously takes 1 minute and allows you access to live-chat and messaging with BACP qualified mental health professionals, self-help resources and support from the community.

In a life-threatening emergency, or if you are actively suicidal call 999 immediately or go to your nearest Hospital Accident and Emergency department.

Housing, legal and money advice

For housing enquiries, advice, and support, you can contact Shelter via phone or webchat. They are open weekdays, weekends, and over the Christmas holidays. They also have a numerous online resources that address a wide range of issues.

The Citizens Advice Bureau provide free, independent advice for many common concerns, including benefits, money, work, housing, and immigration. They have a variety of contact options from phone, live-chat and in-person centres.


Online activities

Take a virtual tour of some of London’s best exhibitions from the comfort of your home!


Staying in London over the winter break?

There’s a lot of different attractions, spaces and walks you can visit around London if you are staying in the city over the winter break.

1. Get your tourist on! VisitLondon.com have plenty of places they recommend seeing in London over the 2023-2024 holidays.

2. Twixmas refers to that strange period of time between Christmas and New Years - here are some suggestions for how to while away those hours.


I won't be seeing anyone over Christmas.

During the cost-of-living crisis and seasonal illness outbreak, you might not be spending the holidays with anyone. If that is the case, there are lots of things you can do to keep yourself busy, occupied, and in good spirits. Here are 101 things you can do to keep yourself busy when keeping your own company.


Arts SU Advice Service 2023

The Arts SU Advice Service will return on 8th January 2023, where we will pick up all enquiries and begin working with you or continuing with ongoing cases.

It is important to remember that any timelines for academic processes do not continue during the Christmas period (23th December – 1st January) because these are not official working days.

You can contact us here or use our booking system for a phone or Zoom call in the new year. We offer impartial, confidential and judgement-free support on a range of academic and housing issues. We listen to your concerns and advise on your options moving forwards.

No matter our individual circumstances, the pressure to have a great time and be cheerful over the holidays can be demanding. It’s important to treat ourselves with kindness this winter break, take some time to prioritise our own mental wellbeing and practise self-care where we can.


All the best for the winter break,

Arts SU Advice Service



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