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The Office of the Independent Adjudicator

The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) is an independent, impartial organisation, which reviews student complaints and is the next step for students who have completed UAL’s internal procedures. It is separate from the University.

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What are the stages of the OIA procedure?

  1. You submit your complaint form to OIA.
  2. OIA determines whether your complaint will be reviewed (initial consideration).
  3. OIA reviews your complaint, obtaining evidence from UAL and from you.
  4. UAL may offer an early settlement.
  5. OIA will issue a Complaint Outcome and Recommendations for resolution

Quick facts about OIA

Reviewing your complaint

When deciding whether to review your case, OIA will work to determine:

  • If UAL followed its own internal procedures accurately.
  • If it carried those procedures out fairly.
  • If UAL’s final decision reasonable.

How does the review work?

During the review, OIA will gather as information on your case, sometimes organising a meeting or more formal hearing. UAL will be asked to comment on your complaint in writing, and you will be given the opportunity to respond to these comments.


If OIA does not agree to review your complaint after its initial consideration, you can ask them to reconsider their decision within 2 weeks of being informed of the decision.

If OIA decides to terminate your review, you can request that OIA reconsider the decision within 2 weeks.

If you want to re-open your review after the Complaint Outcome has been issued, you must submit a request within 28 days, citing new evidence or errors in the Complaint Outcome.


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