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Block 1 Exam Results: What to Do Next

Received your Block 1 exam results and aren't sure what to do next? Our Advice team can help.

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If you are an undergraduate student, you may have received your Block 1 exam board results. Usually, your Course Team and Programme Administration team will let you know when your Block 1 results are ready to view. When they are published, you can view Block 1 exam board results in your Student Portal.

In your Student Portal, you will be able to view your final grades for Block 1 units and any next steps you might need to take, for example, if you have received a resubmission opportunity. If you are unsure of any information in your Student Portal about your results, you can contact the Arts SU Advice service for advice.

Academic Appeals

Students have up to 15 working days from the date they receive their published results to submit an academic appeal if there are grounds to do so. You can submit an appeal under two circumstances; if there has been a Material Irregularity and/or if you had Extenuating Circumstances at the time of your assessment.

You can find out more information about the appeals process and grounds to appeal on our website. You can also book an appointment with one of our advisers if you would like advice on the appeals process and a submitting an academic appeal.

Resubmissions and Retakes

If you have received your Block 1 results and have been asked to resubmit further work, then you should also be given the place, date and time your resubmission/s will be due. Your results should also include the contact details for who you should contact if you have any questions about your resubmission/s and to understand what you need to resubmit. Remember, that if you need it, then you can apply for extenuating circumstances for your resubmission/s, and we can help you in understanding your next steps.

If you have been asked to retake a unit, this means that you will return next academic year to retake the unit/s you have failed. It is important to note that you will need to pass all units before you can progress into the next year. If you have been asked to retake a unit/s, then your letter will also inform you of when you will need to return for your retake. You should also look out for emails from UAL asking you to reenrol for your retake/s which you will receive closer to the time the unit is due to begin in the next academic year. If you have any questions about your retake/s, then you can contact your Programme Administrator and Course Leader for more information.

You can get in contact with Arts SU Advice services if you have any questions about your results here.


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