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Winter Wellbeing: Tips from Your Advice Team

London in Winter can be cold, dark, and pretty miserable. But your Advice team have some tips on making it through!

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Hey UAL students!

Winter is well and truly underway in London, and with it comes the bitter temperature, short days and rain that doesn’t seem to stop. Not the most cheerful of times. Therefore, here at Arts SU, your Advice Team have come up with 5 top tips on fighting those winter blues.

Make the most of natural light

Now with the clocks on daylight savings, stepping out into the dark at 5pm is anything but fun. It is so important to go outside and enjoy the daylight as much as possible, especially at noon or on sunnier days. You can also try to align your schedule with the changing daylight; that way, you don’t let any of the precious sunlight go to waste!

Wear bright colours

Winter in London is grey enough. Time to brighten things up with our #OOTD! Bright, warm colours stimulate energy and positive emotions, boosting your mood. A pop of vibrant colour is like a dose of caffeine for the eyes, and will make you stand out against the grey of the city.

Focus on what you can do, rather than what you can’t

Winter comes with its own special excitements, whether it’s the Christmas lights all around London, the possibilities of snowing, or something as simple as hot chocolate. Embracing the change in season by focusing on the positive things about winter and making a list of things that you can do, helps to make winter seem less of a negative time to get through.

Stay connected

Socialising is a tried and tested way of fighting off the winter blues. And what better reason for a get together than cups of hot drinks? Making a small effort to invite others helps everyone to feel a bit less lonely and more motivated in these gloomy days.

Bonus tip to stay connected: why not sign up for Buddy Up!? It's our way of helping you meet other like-minded UAL students, and a great way to find a new buddy over the holiday break.

Be kind to yourself and others

There are many things happening in the world, and everyone has got a lot on their plate. So don’t beat yourself up for needing a break or to take things slowly. Putting in our best effort whilst still being mindful of our wellbeing and needs, both mentally and physically, should be the number one goal for this winter.

Bonus tip: don't go it alone

Finally, reach out when you need it. UAL and Arts SU has a huge range of services that are here to help you through. The SU Advice Service provides 1-1 guidance with Academic issues like submitting ECs and Appeals, as well as housing queries. Book an appointment with us here to have a chat and take some worries off your mind. Or find more info on a range of Academic and Housing issues.

Additionally, UAL offers many support services for student wellbeing, including counselling, mental health advice and chaplaincy. Take a look here. Alternatively, UAL has also compiled a list of external specialist support services here.


We wish you all a happy, cosy winter!


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