UCU Strike Action: SU Information Hub

We have created an Information Hub to provide guidance for you about the upcoming UCU strike action taking place on Wednesday 1st - Friday 3rd December as well as information on the support you can access at the university and students’ union if you are impacted by this action.

Fri 19 Nov 2021

The Big Question

Share your thoughts on your student experience and you could win one of our 5 levels of prizes!

Fri 12 Nov 2021

Increase in Spiking Incidents in London

As your Students’ Union we wanted to reiterate that student welfare and safety is of the utmost importance to us and we aim to support you to have the best experiences at university, but also to ensure you feel safe and supported if things do go wrong.

Tue 09 Nov 2021

Blueprint Bar

That's right, on Tuesdays and Fridays, our Blueprint Café is becoming a Bar!

Fri 05 Nov 2021

Sarah Everard

Trigger Warning: Harassment & Death

Fri 01 Oct 2021

Black History Month 2021

Through Black History Month and “Looking Forward”, we celebrate the culture, creativity and resilience of our Black students. Click to find out more on how you can get involved in our exhibitions and events as well our all-year-round work and student-led initiatives.

Thu 30 Sep 2021
A black background with the Arts SU logo in white

Creative Education Cuts Statement

"We firmly believe that creative arts education should not only be accessible to the elite class."

Tue 03 Aug 2021
Arts SU Logo

PCSC Policing Bill Statement

"Community safety does not come from an increase in policing, but rather through the trust and relationships we build with each other."

Thu 08 Jul 2021
A photo of Yasmeen, who is wearing a white shirt, a necklace, hoop earrings, and pink sunglasses, st

Officer Legacy: Yasmeen

Our outgoing Campaigns Officer, Yasmeen, shares the highlights of her year in office.

Thu 24 Jun 2021

Officer Legacy: Eleanor

Our outgoing Activities Officer, Eleanor, shares the highlights of their year in office.

Thu 24 Jun 2021
A photo of Dylan, who is wearing a white top with a blue shirt, standing in front of green bushes.

Officer Legacy: Dylan

Our outgoing Education Officer, Dylan, shares the highlights of his year in office.

Thu 24 Jun 2021
A photo of Pinky, who is wearing a white shirt, standing in front of a tree trunk.

Officer Legacy: Pinky

Our outgoing Welfare Officer, Pinky, shares the highlights of her year in office.

Thu 24 Jun 2021

We Stand Proudly with Palestine

Arts SU stands in solidarity with Palestinian communities and condemns the violence carried out by the state of Israel.

Wed 19 May 2021

UAL's Race Equality Charter

This time of year, we see so many surveys, and we feel you - it is exhausting! BUT, this is one you should not let slide by!

Thu 13 May 2021

Ramadan Mubarak to our Muslim Community at UAL!

We want to make sure our Muslim students feel supported during this holy month. In this article, you can find some information and resources which we hope will help students participating in Ramadan during this time.

Tue 13 Apr 2021

Hate Speech is not Free Speech

If discrimination is #NEVEROK, UAL should demonstrate this instead of hiding behind performative activism and hashtags.

Fri 26 Feb 2021

LGBTQ+ History Month 2021

Join Arts SU in celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month! We are committed to making sure that your experience at UAL as and LGBTQIA+ person is the best it can be, and to help our allies understand why we do this every year. You can find out more here. Around this year's theme of ‘Body, Mind, Spirit’, throughout February we will offer you a series of talks, workshops, artist showcases, and opportunities to have your voices heard and your work seen and celebrated.

Fri 29 Jan 2021

Arts SU Officer Q&A: AGM 2020

The Annual General Meeting finished with a question-and-answer session to the Student Officers concerning the political and representative work of the Union.

Mon 18 Jan 2021

An Open Letter to UAL

"This is an open letter signed by those who object to the undergraduate tuition fee of £9,250 that Home/EU Students are paying, and the fee increase for International Students, paying up to £22,950 a year."

Mon 18 Jan 2021

UAL Rent Strike

Some students are running a rent strike campaign and Arts SU support the concessions that students are asking for but do not endorse the rent strike itself. Below is some information on potential repercussions so you can make an informed decision.

Fri 18 Dec 2020

Arts SU AGM: What Happened?

Find out what happened at our Annual General Meeting 2020 held on Monday 30th November 2020.

Wed 02 Dec 2020

Democracy Review

This year, we are conducting a review of our democratic processes to find out what you want democracy at Arts SU to look like, and to make it easier for you to get involved with our projects.

Thu 19 Nov 2020

Annual Members Meeting 2020

All UAL students are invited to our Annual Members Meeting on the Monday 30th November, 4-5.30pm. Register your attendance now.

Fri 13 Nov 2020
Creative Manifesto

Creative Manifesto

Tue 10 Nov 2020