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Leaving your tenancy early

There is no automatic right to leave your accommodation early and you’re liable to pay the rent until either break clause (if you have one) or until the end of the tenancy period. However, there are a few ways you may be able to leave early.

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UAL Halls Contract

Normally your license agreement will say you need to find a replacement tenant before you can leave early. However, if you are currently in UAL halls accommodation (2020/21) you have the option of leaving without any financial penalty or having to find a replacement tenant. You can submit an early release request online via the UAL Accommodation portal.

If you’re staying the length of your contract, you can get a 7-week waiver off Term 3’s rent. (2020/21)

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Contract with a Private Provider

A good starting point is to check your contract to see what it says about leaving early. Most students who rent from a private landlord who doesn’t live at the property will have an AST (assured shorthold tenancy). You may be able to end this type of tenancy early by using a break clause or by using the assignment clause if there is one. Alternatively, you may be able to sublet or negotiate a surrender of your tenancy.

Private halls providers usually rent rooms through a licence agreement and may allow you to leave your tenancy early. You should review your contract to see if this is possible.


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